Getting Knocked Up

Here’s everything I learned while I was trying to get pregnant. Remember, I am not a doctor, but this worked for me. I know it may sound like a lot, but just do the best you can!


I know you are saying, “Come on, Constance!! This fertility crap IS stressful!! How am I supposed to do that?”  Well, stress can cause an interruption of your regular hormone levels and can impact your fertility.  So, take a yoga class, go for a long walk (alone, no chit-chatting about your problems to your pal, it defeats the purpose) or meditate.  Any of these things REALLY HELP.

Also, rest assured that if you truly want a little family of your own, it will happen!  Just know there are soooooo many options out there right now. Keeping that in mind helped me a lot.


Not only is acupuncture relaxing, it helps regulate your hormone levels, and there are studies that prove it increases the chances of the embryo’s ability to implant into your uterus. I did it throughout my efforts to get pregnant, and even used it along with IVF.


Clear plastic bottles sometimes contain a chemical called BPA, or Bisphenol A.
When the plastic is scratched or heated (bottle of water in your car anyone?), the BPA leaches out into your water.

This chemical goes into your system and your body recognizes it as estrogen.  The BPA attaches to your estrogen receptors, and your own estrogen NEVER gets into your system!!  This causes fertility problems, and possible links to the big “C”: Cancer. Ugh.


So here’s the deal: fish has mercury in it. All fish do, because unfortunately we have seriously polluted the oceans.  When we eat fish, we eat the mercury, too. And what does mercury do when consumed?  It causes birth defects.
When I got pregnant and miscarried twice, each time my doctor said that my body was working but the fetus probably had a severe birth defect so it stopped forming. I don’t know if this had anything to do with mercury in my body, but I wasn’t going to take a chance. So no more fish for me!

I also had the mercury removed from my fillings. Even though my dentist said this type of mercury was “safe,” I did it any way. Because, honestly, I am so tired of medicine declaring something is safe, then 10 years later saying, “Oops, maybe it’s not.” Plus, I was on a mission, and wasn’t willing to take any chances.


I tried to get the toxins out of my body as best as I could.  I knew this one was going to be painful, but I did it anyway. I gave up coffee (Ouch and switched to tea, and only one cup a day at that.  Eventually I weaned myself off of that. Caffeine is tough on the hormones and adrenal glands, which can impact fertility.

I also did a bowel and liver/gallbladder cleanse.  This was a lot easier. Dr. Schultz (1-800 HERB DOC) makes a five-day kit for the bowel cleanse (which I had to do first) and another kit for the liver/ gallbladder cleanse. Your liver and gallbladder remove metals (mercury) from your system, but they still store them, too.  So the cleanses help.


This may sound strange, but I kept my cell phone away from my belly and hips. I know you are thinking, “Really, Constance?” But seriously, there is a study out of Sweden that documents how cell waves can potentially cause birth defects. Sitting with your cell phone or blackberry on your lap, in your purse, or up against your body may cause problems.

And after two years of trying for a baby, I wasn’t taking ANY chances!