So most everyone uses disposable diapers and some even use the earthy, crunchy kind. But I learned that all of them contain a super-absorbent gel that is made from petroleum (ICK!). And while this gel gets rid of moisture from your baby’s bottom, it can cause inflammation, rashes and possible fertility issues for your children. I am a huge fan of cloth diapers.  Seriously, I had no idea using cloth diapers could be so easy!  Gone are the traditional square diapers with safety pins. I discovered a great brand called “Happy Heiny’s.”  They are good for the environment and gentle on your baby’s skin.  They are shaped like disposables, with snaps for sizing, Velcro closures, and cute prints. They are very easy and don’t stain. Luna (I am proud to say) is a heavy pooper, but we just plop them into the washing machine and they are clean!  In the long run, they end up being much less expensive then disposables and better for the environment, so your children can have a cleaner planet (not to mention a cleaner bottom!).

Easy Greeny Mommy