Cribs and Furniture

Another thing I learned is that traditional baby furniture is made out of wood pieces that have been pressed together with adhesives, which, of course, emit a lot of gas (formaldehyde, for instance). They are painted with toxic paints or varnish and sometimes they are sprayed with insect repellent when they are shipped overseas. And your precious little baby spends up to 16 hours a day in that crib! They sleep in it, put their hands on the bars, chew on the edges, etc. And because we don’t want all those toxins in our baby’s mouth, it’s best if the crib is made out of solid wood and finished with beeswax or organic oils. At first I thought, “Solid wood is going to be expensive,” but I was surprised to learn that the organic/ non-toxic crib was the least expensive one I found. The crib and changing table in Luna’s room are manufactured in the United States, sustainably grown, made of solid ash, and finished with organic linseed oil.  They were both purchased from “The Green Cradle,” an excellent store full of “green” products for your baby. Tell Edward I sent you.

For those of you who say “Ugh! That furniture is not pretty,” there is a new process out there that creates pressed wood sheets called “Purebond.” The sheets are made with glue from soy that mimics the way mussels adhere to underwater piers. Most importantly, the wood does not emit gas. This wood can be used for furniture and then painted with non-VOC paints to make them look better. The drawer and table in our nursery is made that way so I mixed both types of furniture together.

Easy Greeny Mommy