TO ALL MY Mommy Readers, a big Thank you for your patience!!!
Surprise!!!!!! I am coming back!! Slowly but surely!!!!!

My topic for today?
TO PONYTAIL OR NOT TO PONYTAIL? Is that the question?

OK, EVEN BEFORE I HAD A BABY,,,, I would dream of the day I could make pony tails on my kid. I don’t know why.  I somehow got it in my head that it would be such a cool thing. Every once and a while, I would even grab my doggies ears and wrap my fingers around them and make pretend ponytails..(gently of course.)
To say that my dogs hated this would be an understatement!
I would just corner them,,, cuddle and then BAM! PONYTAIL THEM! Of course, I would gush and say, “Look how cute they would look!….” to which my fiance would say….”What is wrong with you?”

Cut to 3.5 years and a L O N G fertility struggle later and BAM! TAH-DAH!  I had a precious little blob of a baby,, AND IT WAS A GIRL!!!!!!

Oh Boy! She was in for it!
My ponytail fix would finally be satisfied!!! I would dream of the day,, my lil Luna Marie would have PONYTAILS! Well, I had to slow my roll. Because, she had to be able to hold her head up first,,,, Then, I would dream about the day she would have hair,,,,AND THEN a glitch in the Matrix happened!
I had a baby girl with CURLY hair! ALL YOU Mom’s with the CURLY haired kids know what i am sayin! It toooooook FOREVER to grow!!!!!!!
It just kept growing around and around and around!!!

FINALLY,,, at 21 months,YES!, I said 21 months, Luna Marie had barely enough FRIKKIN hair to make PONYTAILS!!!!
I WAS READY.  I had alllll the supplies! Rubber bands, clips, and barrettes I had them in every color, some with flowers, some not, etc……
I had special Organic Detangling spray,, and a special Detangliing brush!  I HAD IT ALL!
I thought to myself “Oh boy! this is gonna be SO fun!!!!!!!!
and then upon my first attempt, I learned………
This did not fit into my master plan!

BUT, I am a pretty determined person…I don’t give up so easy..
I just thought, I will MAKE this happen.
I just needed to come up with a technique.

I tried to sneak in and do it while she sat at the table and ate. NOPE!
(that was just messy)
I tried to do it while she was still groggy first thing in the morning……NOPE!
(she was too delicate and said it was hurting her :( )
I tried to do it on the run,,,, ya know.. stooping over behind her,,while she ran around the kitchen! TRIPLE NOPE!
(My back and I especially hated that one!)

So,,, my whole master plan had been foiled by “REAL LIFE”
but that is when I had a realization….
I didn’t care about the fantasy so much! I just want my baby and my back to be happy!!!!

That is WHY you see oh so many cute pictures of my sweet little Luna Marie, proudly sporting a halo of frizz, held back by one little tiny clip that looks like it is hangin on for dear life!!!

As a Real Life Mom,, I HAVE NOW LEARNED,,
WHO has time to make sure their kid looks perfect??????
whether it’s ponytails, dresses, a tie, etc…
as long as she and I are clean, and happy,

EVERYDAY, I try to remember that lesson, and practice it.
As a woman, I am the teacher,, my daughter will one day look to me, to see HOW to live as a woman in this world….
so, everyday I try to remember that my beauty as a person, has to come from the inside and my actions toward others,,,
and NOT all the stuff that we are told we HAVE TO HAVE, OR WEAR OR BUY to be truly beautiful.
CRAP! No pressure or anything! ;)

so there.
my daughter is teaching me sooooooooo much..
and all this,, just from PONYTAILS!?
who knew!?

HAVE A “BEAUTIFUL” DAY! (pun intended)

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4 Responses to LONG TIME NO BLOG!!!!

  1. Reality always takes us back to the basics (basic necessities that is). As for my mommy experience, I had to give the closet to my 3 year old (to dress her self) and encouraged her to do that so that we would live a happier life together. She went to school looking like a miss-matched mess and with layers she didn’t need (thank goodness for winter). But, She was happy and so was I. I even thought about putting sticker on her back (many days) that said ” I dressed myself!” as I pat her on the back with a Job..LOL! Being a mom is about being creative and choosing your battles, because there are many to come… Lots of love to you! ((hugs)) Gabby

  2. Anthony Mark says:

    I loved reading this blog

  3. JESSIE says:

    So Happy your back :)

  4. miketriah says:

    so im such a big fan of u is u goin to find a boyfriend on de show SWITCHED AT BIRTH?