Who Knew The Garbage Truck Equals Happiness?!

LOL! Thank you all for the “bite-y” advice!! I am gonna try the frozen wet rags and toothbrushes ASAP! We Moms gotta stick together. If I find something else that is helpful, I will sure let you know!

My Topic for this week: Who Knew The Garbage Truck Equals Happiness?!

My little Luna Marie is obsessed and in love with the Garbage Truck.. And you know what? I support her 100 percent!

Some moms might think it is a little dirty or butch ya know? But not me.  Growing up, I was a Tom Boy.  In my neighborhood there were no other girls. Add to that, I was the oldest of all the boys.  So I HAD to be tough.  If those boys smelt fear they would have tormented me for years! Oh they tried believe me!  Needless to say, I had my fair share of rock fights, mud fights and general all around “boyish” behavior.  So, If Luna Marie loves trucks so be it!!!

Tuesday is “Trash Day” on our block.  We also call it “Dia De Los Trucas!” (It sounds more catchy in spanish right?)

Our Tuesdays start like this:
Luna Marie and I-in our pajamas-sitting quietly at the kitchen table, having breakfast and then….. we hear a low rumble.

Luna Marie quietly but intensely points to her ear, as if to say “Momma! Do you hear it? Is that the truck?!”
I freeze, and I listen.  If it’s a false alarm, I look at her and explain, Nope. It’s not the Garbage truck, maybe it’s just a gardner with a blower or a bus. BUT, when Momma hears a Garbage truck, I say “OMG! Luna Marie, the truck is coming!! La Truca!”
Then the mad scramble begins!!!!!

Luna Marie starts excitedly bouncing up and down in her highchair.  She throws her arms up in the air and says “Up, Up, UP!!!” Then,  I jump up and quickly move the food aside.  I try to wipe off any icky- sticky as fast as I can and then in a flash I get her down, and she stops, waves and says “Bye, Bye!” to Kent, or the Nanny, or dogs (she doesn’t discriminate!)  then she runs as fast as she can and slams into the door! She jumps up and down with such excitement! I swear, it is a wonder she doesn’t pee her pants!! So, I rush after her, open the french doors and we run outside, open the garage door then run to the alley and we STOP!

There, we see the most beautiful, dirty, big blue garbage truck barrelling down the dusty alley.  As it comes toward us, Luna Marie just stares in awe of its power and glory! We just stand and watch it come toward us.  When the truck gets close enough, we give a big, fat smile and a wave to the driver.  It is the sweetest thing,, Luna Marie waves like her heart is gonna burst! And then, the greatest thing happens,,, the driver gives us a smile and a big wave back!!!
Success!!!! This ritual happens 5 more times thru the day.
It is just awesome! Time consuming, but, awesome!

Now this may sound like just a stupid little story BUT my bigger point is:  Kids are Amazing!!!! Why? Because they open our eyes to the magic and wonder of life. They open our hearts. Hearts that may have been slammed closed in the past by lifes ups and downs, tragedy and overall crappyness.
Poop happens, Ya know?
When we have children, we get to be open, happy and hopeful once again! Because we see life thru their eyes.  I swear, I never once looked at a garbage truck and got excited.  But now,, I LOVE THEM!  When I see one, I get excited and then realise Luna Marie is not with me, so I better just settle down or people will think I am odd (well, I am but I don’t want EVERYONE to know it!)

Having this little child has given me the greatest gift.  A new awareness of life and I am SO grateful.

My advice: the next time your kid  stops and is checking out a rock, dead bug or garbage truck or whatever, just put down the newspaper, remote or blackberry and go for it!  Take a moment to just see it thru their eyes…how it affects them.  It could be awesome, if you let it.

Even if the dead bug is just a dead bug or the garbage truck smells awful to you, it may be something spectacular to them! Let them have it! Remember,,Happiness is a form of courage!

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12 Responses to Who Knew The Garbage Truck Equals Happiness?!

  1. Amy says:

    Totally hear ya.. my son LOVES the garbage truck. He started showing interest in the garbage truck when he was 18 months, he’s now almost 4 and still loves it! It’s such an incredible feeling watching your child get all excited over the simple things.. <3

  2. michelle Brown says:

    LOL!!! I recently had a similar stop & appreciate moment with my 2yr old niece. She got to press the remote to lock my car. Did not realize how exciting it is to “beep aunt shell’s car.” Find the joy even in mondain daily tasks!

  3. corevoice says:

    I used to love the garbage truck too !!! My daughter always loves to run and get the mail with me… Constance, I just want to say that you are a beautiful lady (inside and out) and a wonderful mother. You have an awesome family and a very lucky/blessed husband. Great work on the AngelFood project !!! You Rock !!!

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  5. Kristine says:

    Adorable! my son gets very excited at the site of trucks too! he hears them and says mami gabage vamos and all I say is ok mijo but wait for me u cant go outside alone. He is only 2! lol.

  6. Beka says:

    My Daughter loves looking for the school bus. So everyday when we are doing our errands we count how many school buses we have seen and then we tell her daddy.

  7. Isabelle says:

    My kids (5 and 3) still love the garbage truck and have loved it since they were babies. So, yes, we have to run to the door or to the window to check on the truck when it’s coming. And if we happen to be on the street, the kids jump up and down and the truck driver and his assistants, they wave and they wink and they smile and everybody’s happy. Oh, and even if I’m alone, I smile when I see these trucks, so you’re not the only one behaving oddly, trust me :)
    As for awareness of life around me, last year, my daughter, who was 4 at the time, pointed the flowers on the side of the road to me. “Look, Mommy, they’re beautiful!” And they were just wild flowers, but beautiful indeed, bright pink, blue and orange. And the funny thing was, an hour earlier, I had walked past them on my own and never noticed them. If someone had asked me about them, I would have said “Flowers? Where?”
    So, I totally understand what you’re going through, cause I, too, am grateful to see the world through my kids’ eyes? Thanks to them, I get to be more grounded and that’s indeed a beutiful gift.

  8. svp says:

    I just know that every time I come visited your blog I am guaranteed a giggle and a heartwarming story! I knew even before reading this post just by the title that it was going to be entertaining. I love your description of little Luna Marie’s excitement! It’s so true, who would have thought a garbage truck would be so exciting, until you have children. They really do open your hearts once again.

  9. Lourdes says:

    I love it!! Every time I read one of your stories, I laugh, cry, smile all at the same time… My 20 month daughter loves school buses.. So every day at 7am we are glued to the window to see the bus go by.. It only for a minute for to her the shool bus is the must amazing thing ever.. On our way to work/childcare we see about 10 school buses, so for 30 minutes all I hear is “mami el bus, mami el bus” (mommy the bus)… We clap, sing the school bus song, and dance.. I love it, I’ve notice that people that are driving next to me, look at me like “this woman is nuts.. look at her, she is nuts..” These kids don’t know how much they open the world to us, we get so closed up with everything that happens in our lives every day that we forget to stop and enjoy life.. God bless you and your family, I can’t wait for next weeks post.

  10. lala says:

    I can totally relate. My nephew was so into construction vehicles. I would be alone with him for an hour after my sister left for work until grandma came (whom he adored), and he would cry. So to soothe him, I’d take him outside, where there was a construction project going on down the street. And we’d just stand there and watch the construction vehicles do their mighty jobs, until grandma came. It was a headache-saver for me!

    Little did I know, 8 years later, I would be outside again, waiting for trucks, this time with my own son! We had no construction nearby, but it was the garbage truck, which comes every other day to our complex. As soon as we’d hear the rumble, he’d be jumping to go outside, so we’d rush outside…and wait. Then as soon as it turned the corner into our little parking lot area, he’d get all antsy until it did its job–lift the garbage can up and tilt it to the back. Then he’d stand there quietly, totally in awe. And as soon as the truck drove past us, my son would wave wildly, and the garbage man would always smile back and wave, sometimes tooting his horn, which would just thrill my son. And yes, I, too, would get excited about garbage trucks and construction vehicles, even without the boys there! Such a difference since I was always a little girly-girl! :D

    Thanks so much for your posts–love them! Keep it up!

  11. David L says:

    The faces other parents make when they see my 2 sons (8 and 6) and I in our bathing suits, splashing in big puddles while it is pouring raining is priceless. Rainy days get a bum wrap, and so do garbage trucks!

  12. Marie Alojado says:

    Constance, I have been reading your blogs but never commented til now! my son loves garbage trucks, he is 3 now but for a long time we would wait on fridays (our garbage day) and he would run to the window or i get him ready to go outside with me and his baby brother (who is now 8.5 mo)…but it has been a ritual for us haha…so great isnt it? I have a new appreciation for all trucks now..I also taped the garbage truck on our block so RJ can watch it anytime. He goes on youtube and watches garbages trucks, ice cream trucks, anything trucks..and caillou but thats another story! keep the blogs going!