So Sorry I have been a bad, blad, blogger :/

OK, I have been a way a long time! I have cheated, I have been doing lots of stuff… I shot a Hallmark movie coming out in August, I have gone to events like,,, the Padres Contra El Cancer shoot, also, last night i was at the E channel 20th anniversary party… talked to my gal pal Melinda Clark, and Amiee Garcia!  There were so many people there, the Kardashians! and Kelly Rowland literally jumped out of a cake and performed like the diva that she is!!!!!!!! OH and I have been Twittering!!!!!!! Seriously, I Love the Twitter thing. Honestly,,, it is so much easier!!!!  I know, it is still no excuse for me neglecting my site.  So can I make it up to ya?  Not only have I been twittering, I have the facebook site (but that has to be totally revamped), but more importantly,,, I am now the new celebrity blogger on!!!!!  In their baby section….. I am going to do it for 2 months!  Once a week.  My new blog will come out Every Wednesday!!!!! It is SO much fun!  oh! and with my blog I am posting new photos every week. Shots of my lil sweet baby, of myself, my man,,, Heck maybe even the dogs!!!!!!!!!!! OH and the CATS!!!!!!  (i get so excited!) So if ya want to check me out you can go to or follow me on Twitter!!!!!!!  If ya don’t follow me there, I will try my hardest to blog here at least once a month!!!!

take care of yourselves! ;)

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  1. John says:

    Blad? lol