Blog #7: My Sick, Sad, Snotty Baby

My new topic: Exactly how much snot can a little baby produce?! This week, Luna Marie got her first really bad cold.

She’s had colds before, little ones I guess — no big fevers — and usually she still keeps her happy-go-lucky demeanor. This week — NOT SO MUCH! Who knew a little runny nose at the park could turn into a 103.9 degree fever?!

It started as I was trying to take photos for last week’s blog. She wouldn’t smile, and really seemed out of it. No matter what crazy noise I would make or funny thing I would do, she was so not interested. I thought she was just anti-paparazzi or needed a nap. Well…

The next day she woke up SO SO HOT! And I don’t mean like Eva Mendes hot. I mean like a curling iron that had been left on all night hot. OMG! I felt awful for her. Her face was all red, her eyes were watery and there was snot everywhere. Kid you not, like a waterfall…

Thanks to my mommy group, I knew of other babies getting fevers and that until a baby has a fever of 104 degrees, that you really shouldn’t worry. But HELLO?! She was there! Here’s the worst part: My little vegetarian baby — who eats three course meals, four times a day — would not eat!

Let me explain what a big deal that was. Little Luna Marie will normally plow through 5 oz. sautéed spinach, 5 oz. black beans and 6 oz. pasta, plus strawberries for dessert! It was no problemo! But now — she wanted NOTHING.

I didn’t learn that I would be one of those moms who obsesses over whether or not her baby eats until after I had Luna Marie. I’m sure when she’s 40, she’ll walk into the house and my first words will be, “Honey you look thin, are you eating enough?!” Which is even more ironic especially since I am an actress! Hello?! It’s like they pay me not to eat!

However, for my little baby I’m totally different! Seriously, I still keep a schedule — you know the one they give you at the hospital to see how much breastmilk the baby is taking? — Well I still keep track, but of food intake instead! Yes, she is 16 months old and I still write it all down! I’m a little OCD … but I digress…

Anyway — my lil’ baby will not eat, she is so whiny, snot is flying everywhere, she has a cough and worst of all — she will NOT sleep at night unless she is lying on top of me or Kent! We have become human mattresses! Now to paint a picture, she is 25 lbs. and really tall for her age, so that lets you know how comfy that is on a 44-year-old momma’s back!

What can you do? She needs us, she needs sleep and so do Kent and I. We literally tag-teamed all night, each of us going as long as we could ’til our backs just said, “Enough!” (Or until she had coughed in our faces or slapped us just one too many times.) We would just pass her back and forth in the bed and she wouldn’t even wake up!

Thank God this only went on for four nights! I know, I know, we didn’t realize how spoiled we were. She has slept through the night in her own bed since she was two months old. I feel for all the parents whose babies just keep waking up for years. My heart and back go out to you guys! You are my heroes and I am not fit to walk in your shoes!

I took her to the doctor when the fever got so high, and found out she had ear infections too! Seriously, it was like she had been hit by the sickness train! No wonder every time she coughed she would start to cry.

The worst part was that she lost her little voice too. When she cried it sounded like she was singing, and she would just whisper, “Mama, Dada.” It broke my heart. It all happened so fast, one minute she was happy-go-lucky and then the next day BAM! She was little miss sicky sick. :(

Thankfully, her fever is gone and her smile is back, but the cough and snot are still lingering…

As any mother knows, we just want our babies to feel better quickly and we all do whatever we have to do to help them — no matter how much it inconveniences us or hurts our backs! Last night I was trying to tough it out, cradling Luna Marie in the rocking chair in her nursery. Of course, my back was seizing up and pinching every time I inhaled. Kent had to work early in the morning so I wanted him to sleep as much as he could.

Then I looked down at this sweet little face, leaning up at me in the glow of the nightlight, mouth open drooling and with her little arm wrapped around my neck choking me ever so slightly … and my only thought was, “This feels so awesome. She feels so good. Her hair smells so good! Her skin so soft. I love her so much! I am so glad I got to be a mom! I am happy to be her lumpy pillow — for as long as my back can take it!”

Of course my next thought was, “How much longer ’til I can pass her off to Kent?” ;)

– Constance Marie

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