Blog #1: Meet the Family!


Here it is, my first baby blog. I am very excited to share all the “poop” with you — pun intended!

You know the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child”? What I’ve learned is — it is so true! In my mommy journey I realized I got really lonely sometimes, and I needed to connect with other moms. Dads do the best they can but — unless you have carried a little bowling ball in your body for 10 months — you can’t really relate.

That’s right. I said 10 months! That whole nine months thing is a lie! Pregnancy is 40 weeks, right? You do the math. Okay, I digress.

Anyway, I wanted to hear other people’s stories about being a parent. The good, the bad and the ugly. I needed that, so I didn’t feel like I was the only one who ever made mistakes or was unsure of myself, ya know? So now that’s what I’m here to do — share my experience. Hopefully you will find it helpful or amusing. PLEASE GOD, let it at least be amusing! Or they might take away my comedy card!

Okay, let me start with introducing my little family:

The Mama: That would be me, Constance Marie. Yep, I’m an actress who likes to “make the funny” on TV but who can also make ya cry in a good drama — ya know, if I really wanted to. I am loving being a new mom!

In my quest to have a baby, I went through lots of fertility doctors, detoxing, trying organic and holistic remedies and finally, through a combination of IVF (in vitro fertilization) and acupuncture, my baby wish came true … in only 3.5 easy (NOT!) years. But I am not bitter. Well, maybe a little.

The good thing is, I have taken all I learned about detoxing my body while trying to get pregnant, and applied it to being a “green” mom. In fact, I’m working on a book right now. I know, you are thinking, “Constance, I am so busy … I don’t have time to read a f—ing organic baby book!” Okay, I will make it a small pamphlet! Happy now?

The Dada: My man Kent Katich … who our daughter worships! Of course he’s got those baby blues, so who wouldn’t? We’ve been together 14 years! FYI, in Hollywood that’s like 98 dog years! Seriously.

He is uber healthy. He’s a yoga coach for professional athletes and has his own instructional DVDs called Yogaletics, but he still likes to plop down on the sofa, eat lots of popcorn and watch a movie on our (rare) date night. So he’s a keeper!

And last, but so not least…

The Baby: Little Luna Marie! The star of the show! YES I AM GUSHING! She is now a full 15 months old — a cute little bundle of teething, pooping, babbling, tiptoeing, running and falling energy.

Now don’t get mad, but she does sleep through the night! (Well, mostly.) She wears cloth diapers, so sometimes the pee pee level gets a little high and it wakes her up. Still, we have decided to keep her!

So that’s us in 500 words or less. Whew, I am exhausted! Stay tuned, there’s more to come, whether you like it or not! :)

– Constance Marie

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