Is picking your nose genetic????? Ug.

Thank you all for once again telling me your Multi-tasking Octopus Mom and Dad stories!! For all of you with MORE than one kid, you are my heroes!!!
No wonder we can’t remember anything!! We are running around in circles! I really do love reading them..

My topic for this week:
Is picking your nose genetic????? Ug.

Ok, so if “Picking Your Nose” was a category in the Olympics, Luna Marie would win the gold!!!!
This kid does not mess around. She is focused!! It is serious business at our house. Don’t even get me started about the “where did she  wipe it?” moments……

It all started innocently enough. I have it on video, she just one day found that A) Finger fit into B) nostril!  She was fascinated,,, she could spend 5 minutes,,,, in and out,,, in and out,,, in and out! Sometimes she would miss and then gouge her eye.  But a lil eye pain didn’t stop her,,she went  right back to mantra, the in and out. It was like she was mesmerised!

Now, in my Mommy group we were taught “Any behavior these kids exhibit, that you don’t want to re-enforce, IGNORE.  The thinking being, they will tire of it and it will go away.
If too much is made out of it, it becomes a power struggle…
So, that is what I did.

It started around her first birthday,, as you can see in the opening photo. That was taken the day of her birthday party! Note the balloons.

At first it was SO cute how captivated she was with this simple “nose picking” process.  It was funny… After a few laughs and a few photos, ignore it I did!
I tried not to take too many photos, but I had to of course sneak a few.

Cut to she is 20 months old, just over 1 1/2 to all you civilians who don’t count months..   The nose picking is STILL going strong ug!  Don’t get me wrong she doesn’t do it all the time, but her Technique has evolved.
Her repitoire includes:
A) 1 finger- 1 nostril
B) 1 finger- into 1 opposite nostril, then possible eye gouge.
And my most recent favorite
C) 1 finger IN EACH nostril
And then she tries to breathe, can’t and will open her mouth to pant!!!!! So she can continue to push those lil fingers up, up, up!
(I SO wish I had a picture of that one!!)

Anyhoo, here is my  question: Is Getting a Nose Picking Child Genetic???
Or worse is it my Karma for embarrassing MY mom with all those boogers!!!?? :/

The truth: YES! I was a nose picker!!! Much to my mother’s dismay I am sure!! I actually do remember enjoying a pick or two on my morning walk to school. (Please God don’t let Luna Marie do it for that long!)  My mother never actually talked to me about it.
I don’t think she made a big deal out of it.
So I am not going to either!  But some days,, it is SO hard!!!!

I just worry Luna Marie is going to push those fingers in there so hard, she might just touch her brain!!!!

So, all this to say: Ya got any ideas???
And your stories, might just make me feel not so alone with you know who,
My little Sunshine Luna Marie!

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6 Responses to Is picking your nose genetic????? Ug.

  1. Kristine says:

    Hi! thanks for sharing this topic, my 23 month old (in denial that he is almost 2 jaja)boy LOVES to pick his lil nose! picked so much that he irritated the skin a bit:(
    i must admit that a time or two maybe even 3 he has actually put that boogie in his mouth*ay ya yay so he finally got it that boogers are yucky and now he gives them to me as the ultimate yucky prize :) gotta love our kids eh ;-) ?!

  2. Boomer says:

    Well…I know someone else who is related to Ms. Luna who is also a picker extraordinaire, so chalk up another one for your gene theory! Just be thankful she’s stopped at the pick…the next step is the stealth in-the-mouth move!

  3. Heather says:

    I have a 3 year old who is still a nose picker! UGH! To top it off, she cries if you try and take her booger away from her (you know to put it into a tissue or something). I mean total melt down. She likes to sit and roll it around in her fingers and play with it. SOOOOOO EMBARASSING!

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  5. Jennifer says:

    Ok, C you have nothing to worry about its natural for children to do things like that. every child is different and do different things. It’s called a phase that they will eventually grow out of. Little things like that are just cute at that age and sometimes u just have to cherish thigs like that cause when they get bigger your gonna say “wow, were did my lil nose picker go!” So dont worry, mammas is just going through lil’ phases. I really doubt she will be doing that after a certain age. lol… enjoy her being little because ma let me tell you they grow so fast. Im the one with six and ma they grew up on me, all i have are my two little ones ages 3 and 1, so im cherishing all the little things they do!! So Have a great day and God Bless your family!! :)

  6. svp says:

    Those photos are hilarious! Love the top one, the sweet family portrait with the little finger firmly packed in the nostril. My little boy hasn’t yet discovered his cute little nose, but I am sure it’s just a matter of time.