Happy Belated Labor Day!!

LOL!!! And a BIG FAT THANK YOU for your helpful “non cussing/but still feels good” suggestions!!!! My favorite? “Mother-Father, Cheese and Rice!” I sooooo am gonna use that one!
And I am glad that I am not alone in my “Potty Mouth Struggle!”

My topic for this week: Happy Belated Labor Day!!

Ok, so as a Mom Labor Day has a whole new meaning for me! You’re thinking “Oh another story of a loooooong labor during child delivery-boring!” Right?? Well,, NOPE that is not my focus this week.  I had a cesarian, so no long labor stories for me. Of course, I could talk about the ridiculous idea of trying to walk, wobble and the labor involved in relearning to find my uterus and stomach muscles after cesarian and THAT whole process, but NO this isn’t about that either! Ha!

This is about the Labor that WE do as Moms and yes, Dads too!!  The stuff we do every single day from the time that little precious new baby flies outta the oven! No matter how it gets here!

Yes, I am talking about the amazing things we do all the time. Like taking a baby to a doctors visit and waiting in that office for  20 minutes before the doctor even gets in there and watching our child do the equivalent to a “Baby Iron Man Marathon!” The leaning and jumping and climbing and rocking and exploring and dropping and stacking and falling and bumping and talking/shrieking! It is shocking and amazing what these kids can pack into that 20 minutes! They have so much energy they could power a small village with it! That would be some great alternative fuel! Can someone please get on that??

Now most people focus on all that baby energy . Someone once told me about a study done that proved if a grown adult tried to mimic and copy every single body movement a toddler did in a one hour period, most adults would NOT be physically able to do it. We would be too exhausted! Our bodies would just collapse…yada yada yada.
That’s not the part I am focusing on either!!

I am focusing on the parent!  The parent who has to contain the “ Iron Man Baby in the Marathon!” The parent who has to cradle and catch and follow and goad and block and cover and shield and protect and bargain with that child for those 20 minutes.  Then after all that, we try to focus on the task of comprehending  what the doctor is saying and the questions that need to be asked while still doing all of the above-not to mention a possible diaper change ta-boot!
THAT is the LABOR I am talking about!
The Labor of LOVE!
That usually goes unnoticed.

So, to keep it short and sweet today: to all the parents, grandparents, teachers and babysitters, I say, “HAPPY FRIKKEN LABOR DAY!!!!” Your labor counts too!
And “THANK YOU” for all the hard multi-tasking work that you do!!!
Ya may not hear it often enough! So there!!!

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6 Responses to Happy Belated Labor Day!!

  1. corevoice says:

    ;o) Always an enjoyable read ! Thanks Constance… You are “The Mom!” “The mom who dropped the f-bomb”. lol… (ummm… dropped as in lost) P.S. (Do you know Julie Bandaras from Fox News?) I think you two would be fast friends… She is another awesome mom…

  2. KRISTIN says:

    thank you so much for the blog. I love reading your blog more than anyone elses. Have you ever thought of becoming an author? ( I mean with all the extra time you have. lol). You are amazing at writing!!

  3. Jamie says:

    OMG that last picture is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen. What a doll.

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  5. svp says:

    So interesting about grown adults not being able physically to mimic every move a toddler makes in an hour, I completely believe that! I often wonder how just staying home with my son can be so exhausting! The little guy is just all over the place and mama has to be on the ball. I love love love your photos of little Luna Marie!

  6. John Alvarez says:

    Very nice website. I enjoy your work (TV, Movies). It’s nice to see a great Mom as yourself share positive thoughts to your fans. I have to say you remind me of my closest friend I served with in Iraq this past year. She was like you. Smart Strong Beautiful and a great Heart. I hope you look at my facebook profile johnnybegood_411@yahoo.com . Maybe what you will see and read might make you day a good day. Thank you for what you do. Make us laugh, think and make our day better.Have a great day.