Don’t let the Tutu fool ya, This kid is a Vampire!

Well,,,there is yet ANOTHER frontier I am crossing in this whole “Mommy” Journey.  At 19 months, we are STILL dealing with mucho teething :/

Luna Marie only has 9 1/2 teeth and they are messing with her!!

Imagine this, there I am lovingly preparing dinner at the stove,, focused, sauteeing, stirring etc,, and my little precious baby runs up and gives me her usual, fiesty, sweet, enthusiastic little baby hug.  She usually gets a running start from across the room, then lovingly slams into my backside with her full body and her arms wrapping tightly around me for a squeeze. So sweet right?  I just love when she does this!  I like to think maybe it is a sign of appreciation for all my awesome cooking! FYI- I am NOT that good a cook, but she doesn’t know any better right?  Momma’s gotta get a boost where she can ;)

Well, this time, after the loving hug, she decides before she pulls away, she is gonna take a big, big, bite outta Mommy’s BUTT!!!!! CHOMP!!!

Man! It scared the “C*AP” outta me!!  I soooooo wasn’t expecting that!  All I could manage to utter was a panicked “Luna Marie! No, NO, NOOOO BITE Momma’s Butt!!!

Maybe I am just a wuss, but it shocked me how much it really hurt.  Those little teeth are razor sharp!!!!!  I had to drop the spoons and grab her little cheeks because she was going in for ANOTHER bite!!! Seriously, she was ambushing me!!

Of course, I asked around and other mommies told me THEIR biting stories.  I learned it is just a “normal” part of teething.  What? Who are they kidding?  It was like an episode of “True Blood”! (Ok, maybe I exaggerate a little.)

My question: Is there a way to expedite this process??  Because it’s NO fun for Luna Marie.   As I mentioned before, she only has 9 1/2 teeth.  I say “Half” because there is a molar that has been playing peek-a-boo with us FOREVER!  I swear it comes in one corner at a time.  It pokes thru and then stops, and then pokes thru again weeks later!!!  Luna Marie is teething in slow motion!

Poor thing even had a fever  and barfed the other day :/
All this from teething?! Who knew?

I will spare you the gory and smelly details. But as anyone knows barf is so easy to deal with- NOT!! Because, of course, when it happened, I was double parked in a busy parking lot, in the hot sun, and she was buckled in her car seat. Yippeee! Makes for an easy clean up right?  Stinky car anyone!!? Better yet, mid-way thru the process, I had to stop and re-buckle her while she was still covered in it and move the car!!! Fun, Fun, FUN!  Did I say “NOT!?”

I guess this is all just part of growing up.  We all went thru it.  Good thing we were so young we don’t remember right? Hopefully she won’t either!

For now, my butt is on high alert!  I am armed with Infant Tylenol (generic because of the recall).  I also have cold teething rings, what we call the “Bite-y Bear”(a small organic cloth bear who doesn’t mind being bitten) and wooden spoons, etc….
The one thing NOT available? My butt!

For now, I sure hope I am quicker than she is.
Any helpful hints regarding teething would be greatly appreciated!
P.S. My butt thanks you in advance!

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14 Responses to Don’t let the Tutu fool ya, This kid is a Vampire!

  1. victoria araujo says:

    That is so funny I love your blog!!! My daughter went through the same stage I used a Nuby Nibbler and I would put frozen strawberries and frozen banana slices in it and let her chomp away. It works like magic.Good luck!

  2. svp says:

    “Luna Marie! No, NO, NOOOO BITE Momma’s Butt!!!” HAHAHA! I just spit out my afternoon coffee reading that!

    I’m not sure I have any advice for teething that you probably haven’t heard before. The things that work *the best* for us (I say *the best* because I have not found anything that is perfect yet) are twisting washcloths into little cone shapes, dipping the tips in chamomile tea and then freezing them in the freezer for my son to chew on, and also Hyland’s homeopathic teething tablets often calm him down when he is having a bad teething session. Any which way you put it, teething is SO not fun, I can’t wait till it’s over. My son had a molar pushing through a few weeks ago and I’m still recovering. Hope Luna Marie finds something other than momma’s tush to chew on!

  3. Ernest Avila says:

    That is so funny because they come to you when you least expect it and they do it in a loving way for them but it brings them comfort. My Granddaugther was biting a lot and would hug me and then would bite me. One thing that i would do with her is to buy her the ice pops at the market or even walmart and she was able to chew on that because it has the plastic on it and that would help. the other thing is that i would send her to daddy my way of defending myself. It won’t be long before she stops biting.

  4. Kelly says:

    So glad to know I am not alone in the battle against teething toddlers. My son just turned 26 months and i FINALLY finished. We’ve been at it since he was 2 1/2 months old. He was not a good teether, running fever, diarreha, waking all night, and of course biting. After trying everyone’s advise on soothing, I found that a cold tooth brush really helped. It massaged his gums as he chewed. I bought several tooth brushes and put them in the freezer. After he would finish with one, I’d sterilize it, put it back in the freezer and give him a new one. It does get better but hopefully for the both of you it doesn’t take too much longer. Good Luck:)

  5. fabian says:

    You have a.beautiful baby just like mommy!!;-)-

  6. Kristine says:

    My son is 23 months and just over the weekend he bit me on the thigh…totally unexpected and it hurt so much i screamed :( he got scared outta his mind and i got a big fat bruise.
    i too used the cold tooth brush as a teething soother, it really does help them. Try it out, it may make Luna feel better.
    Buena Suerte! :)

  7. marina says:

    I love your blogs, they are awesome. I don’t have much of advice though, the truth is that with 21 years old I’m still bite people whenever I have a chance! There is something very rewarding about it, but I learn to ask first :P

  8. Sara says:

    lol, my boys went through a biting stage and it wasnt from teething… but i had a hard time with my 2 year old when he was pushing his molars through!! can anyone say EXPLOSIVE DIARRHEA?? lol, he would even do it in his sleep!!! all i have to say is thank the world that its over!! good luck with luna’s teeth!!

  9. Jess says:

    I have 2 girls (23 months and 13 months), so I’ve been dealing with teething for almost 2 years straight now! I found the Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether seems to work the best for them. The long legs reach the back molars which is great! We also use cold toothbrushes. My 13month old has just started biting, she acts like she’s kissing me then takes a chomp! She’s sneaky sneaky!

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  11. Jen says:

    My middle daughter did the exact same thing to me while I was washing dishes! She is 6 now and she went through this phase for a while, also watch your shoulders as she leans in for a hug!

    My little one who is 20 months is drooling like mad and going through a massive teething episode right now too. I have the Sophie toy, but mostly she likes the chilled teething rings and I do give her Tylenol (no recall in Canada) when needed.

    They do outgrown it, but for now be on high alert! ;)

  12. Brooke says:

    Constance, I LOVE your blog! I had to check in because I started following you on Anywho, when I had my daughter and she went through this, we would take a wash rag, get it good and wet and throw it in the freezer for a while. The cold frozen rag was an easy go-to and she could chew on that thing all she wanted. She on something cold- some immediate relief! :)

  13. Katena says:

    We too did the homeopathic teething tablets. We found them at Walmart. We also did the frozen teething rings (no they did not get frostbite!) We also had a teether that vibrated when they bit into it (also at Walmart) I bought several because you can’t replace the batteries so when they wore one out, I could just grab another. (the batteries last a long time though!) Last resort we used the fingertip tooth brushes for cleaning their gums when they’re babies. We would massage their gums and the “toothbrush” saves your fingers when they bite. :) Best of luck as you find what works best for you!

  14. corevoice says:

    You haven’t been playing Bootylicious by Destiny’s Child around her have you…??? :o )

    Sorry… I tried to bite my tongue… see…. :o P

    just like her… I couldn’t resist

    Cool Blog Constance