Coming Soon: My movie “Class” on the Hallmark Channel on Aug. 14th!

“My movie ‘Class’ will be premiering on the Hallmark Channel August 14th. I get to play a super bossy law professor who makes two people from opposite sides of the tracks get to know each other. They find out they are more alike than they are different. Check your local listings for times. Go to for information. Here’s a photo…enjoy!

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4 Responses to Coming Soon: My movie “Class” on the Hallmark Channel on Aug. 14th!

  1. Elia Esparza says:

    Congrats! I very much enjoyed your movie. Such a rarity that a Latina is in a positive, intelligent role. Maybe there is hope for Hollywood yet!

  2. Elia Esparza says:

    Congrats, Constance Marie! Loved the film. A positive role for a Latina…maybe there is hope for Hollywood yet.

  3. Sydney says:

    To tell you the truth, “Class” was the best movie ever!! It had a good story to it, even though “Whitt” had everything handed to him, he wasn’t really happy. He taught her not to give up, and with his help, she made it to college, and got a wonderful job. Then they ended up falling in love. I really did enjoy watching it. :) Love always,

  4. Crystal says:

    Constance I just wamt to say that the movie Class was so good and amazing. I enjoyed watching it.. I watch George Lopez all the timw and i watch every show or movie you are in!!!! Congratulations on the movie!!!