aaaand we are back at work!!!

i hope you all had a greeeeeeeat holiday!!!!  i know we did,,,a lil sun, a lil poolside fun,, lots of sunblock and ya know..VEGGIE HOT DOGS MY FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well just another heads up, my new blog is coming out tomorrow on….fyi i do them everyweek for the next few weeks,, they come out every wednesday!!! complete with photos of course..

this week we have luna marie poolside….with every possible thing i could put on her to block the frikkin sun!!!!!!! gotta protect that baby!!!!!

and she and i and our corn eating contest!!!!!!! (i let her win)

oh and the new blog is about my journey with vaccines for the baby!!!!! oh boy! let me know what ya think!

thanks so much!!!!

and remember “choose a positive thought”

why not right?

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One Response to aaaand we are back at work!!!

  1. suzi says:


    I loved reading your blog on and I plan on following you here also! You sound like a wonderful person and a great mother! I loved watching you on George Lopez and look forward to your next movie/tv/acting gig! Good luck.