Am I a Tutu-a-holic?

Ok, my peeps! Thanks so much for understanding my tardiness!! And for your nose picking stories…..
Ug! Even 3 year olds do it? Luna Marie topped even herself, she picked and wiped on her sitters face!!!!! I felt horrible, ug.

My Topic for this week: Am I a Tutu-a-holic?
Oh Geez! Fashion dilemma for two?

Ok, so, I know some women dream of the day they can play “dress up” with their little daughters. These women fantasize about how fun it will be and oh so cute!?

ME? NOT so much! I never even thought of it once!  All my friends have boys, and I see how easy it is for them… Sneakers, shirts and pants, maybe some shorts, DONE!  Simple and easy.

With a little girl, it is SO frikkin complex!!!!
I avoided it for so long, I mean all I needed for an infant was stretch pants-caus ya know she has the cloth diaper- and a stretch t-shirt..done!
Momma was SO happy. Of course EVERYONE thought she was a boy :/

But now, she is turning into a little lady.
Even at 20 months, it is just way too fast for me!!!

She saw me wearing a necklace, and pointed at it, so, I taught her the word,, and one day, BAM! she walks in and touches her neck and says “Luna Necklace!” Like she was requesting one! (Diva!)

Then another time, I was getting my make up done to go to an event and she learned,,, “Make-up!” And now, she says it ALL the TIME!  “Make-up! Make-up! MAKE-UP!!!!!”
Oy! I am in so much trouble. :/

Now on to wardrobe!!!!
To do pink or not to do pink? Sparkle or no sparkle? Princess stuff or no princess? T-Shirts, blouse, ruffles, empire waist, mid- waist??? Prints, knits, tanks, long sleeve, with embroidery?!!!!
Sweaters, coats or vests! Pants, shorts, capris, skirts, skorts, tights and don’t forget the mighty TUTU!!!!
Honestly my head is about to pop off!!!!!

FYI- I don’t really even like to shop! I have body issues, I hate store lighting, and seriously bikini shopping can make me want to down a whole bottle of wine! And now? I have to not only shop,, but STYLE TWO of us!!!!
Holy C*ap!!!

And the topper, she grows SO much, right when I think I got it down,, I gotta go out and buy more stuff!!!!

Here’s the scary part,,,  I think I am catching the “cute” disease!!!
A friend gave us the sweetest, cute tutu, and BOOM!
I was in for it! Now I have 4 of them!!!

Seriously there should be a support group for the mothers of daughters!!!!!
How does one not mortgage the house tryin to buy all this stuff!!!!!!????

Well, I for one am gonna try to fight it! I mean there is an argument for the Tomboy look! Right?……

And don’t even get me started with bows and ponytails!!!!!!!!!
Well, Luna Marie’s  are still so short so I guess they are called “pig”tails….
The bows have to match, the clips, the rubber bands!!!!!!! OMG!

Well, needless to say, I have sorta a love/hate thing going on right now.
Like I said it’s complex.

Oh! And now on to the good news/bad news section.
Good News: I got another job!!
Bad News: I won’t be able to blog every week anymore. I thought I could do every 2 weeks, but this is a pretty time consuming gig, and I really try to take my time on each blog. So for now, I will have to do once a month. Poop!  :(

I will miss our weekly get togethers, BUT I will still tweet and face book when I can ok?

You all take care, and when I blog next I will have OH SO MUCH MORE to share!!!
Bye for now.

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15 Responses to Am I a Tutu-a-holic?

  1. svp says:

    Congratulations on your new job! Totally understand about not being able to do it every week, it must be time-consuming! I always think it’s better to spend time on one really good blog post, than to pump out tons of mediocre posts because you don’t have the time. So I look forward to your monthly post!

    I have a son and so like you said it’s quite a bit simpler, jeans, sweaters, t-shirts, done. (Although I have to admit, every time I walk into a baby clothes store, the girls section is huge and the boys is small and not very interesting, so sometimes I do think it is easier for moms with girls since there is more and better to choose from!) I often wonder how I would be if I had a little girl, would I go all out with the girly stuff or not? I am in general not very much of a girly girl, jeans and converse and yoga pants most of the time, although I have to admit that every once in a while I get this blast of uber-girliness and I get it all out of my system for a day or two, hair done, make-up, a dress, cute shoes. So maybe I would be like that if I had a daughter too. Neutral colors most of the time (I have to admit I love navy blue and brown on both baby genders), but I’d love to occasionally do her hair in cute pigtails and yes, I’d probably own a tutu for the occasional girly blast! Baby girl clothes really are just darling! See you next month!

    • Joe says:

      I love your show with George lopez. I would like to speak with you sometime. Do you have any new appearances coming up? I would like an autograph photo sign my my son from you.We god bless you and your family.

  2. victoria says:

    So cute!!! You will have to look into getting her some fancy Nancy books she will love it!!! My daughter is a little diva too!!!!!

  3. Brandon says:

    Congrats on your job.

  4. Jennifer says:

    hope u like ur job and see you next month, enjoy and cant wait to hear what you have to share!! :)

  5. Desiree says:

    OMG!!! So, I know this part is from last week’s blog but my 10 year old was busted with her finger in her nose….YUCK!!!!!!! Her father was mortified and I tried to tell him to chill out about it because he did it when he was a kid. They ALL do it. I was just hoping that by this age, I would have kicked it. LOL

    Anyway, CONGRATS on your new gig! Hopefully, it means we will be seeing you on TV again?!?!?! You probably can’t tell us but we can hope :-) Best of luck on this new venture and I know that I will be looking forward to your posts…even if it’s only once a month.

  6. Mallory Snow says:

    I’m so the same way! My daughter is 5 months old and I’m only just now attempting the dress thing. She doesn’t seem like a dress kind of girl but maybe I’M just not a dress kind of girl. She is going to be a ballerina for Halloween, though, so maybe I’ll be joining your Tutu support group sooner than I think. ;)

  7. Shaunie says:

    My youngest sister (10 yrs old) is a TOTAL diva & girly-girl, and has been as long as I can remember!

    By age 2 she was obsessed with wearing a tutu with everything.

    By 3 she REFUSED to leave the house without a purse.

    By 4 that purse was filled with insane amounts of tubes, sticks, and containers of lip gloss & chapsticks.

    By 5 you had to fight her to get her into pants (she only wanted to wear dresses & skirts).

    By 6 she would only wear dress shoes & boots…absolutely no sneakers (which was a problem when it came to gym days).

    Fortunately she grew out of [some] of those things! She likes wearing jeans and pants now. She’ll wear sneakers now (but only if their Converse). But she still carries around way to much lip gloss in that purse of hers though! LOL

  8. Bethany says:

    congrats on the new job. I will miss reading your weekly blogs. I dont know if I was like that when I was younger.

  9. Sasha says:

    I’m 21 and I still struggle to accessorize and get all dressed up…Whenever God blesses me with a little one and if its a girl I’m in HUGE trouble…granted I love looking at baby clothes and have caught myself looking at dresses, but i still hope baby girl takes it easy on me and lets me dress her in semi-toyboy stuff at least until i get the hang of this girlie girl stuff…lol

  10. Sabrina says:

    Funny story about the Tutu!! daughter Scarlett Rose who is just one month older than Luna Marie, just went to bed with a tutu. She looks so cute! I think little girls have to wear a tutu sometime in their lives, it is part of the fun of playing dress up. But, i know what you mean..this is just the beginning, wait till their 13 yrs old. OH MY!! Well, good luck with the new job and can’t wait to hear more.

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  12. Sydney says:

    I don’t really think that I was ever a fashionista when i was a baby? I don’t know?Well now I am. (kinda) LOL. I’m so happy for you that you got a new job! It’s ok that it may be a little while before your next blog, but I can’t wait for whatever you have to share next time! Good Luck with the tutu situation! ;)

  13. corevoice says:

    So… like you make me laugh… and happy for you and bummed for me all at the same time… this is like an emotional scrambler ride… Seriously… congrats on the new job… I will miss the weeklys… and look forward to the monthlys… lol (no pun intended… I’m a guy… we don’t look forward to those either ya know!) I am also the father of 2 adopted daughters from China… so I can sorta relate to your blog… on a guy kinda level… I mean I would probably mix-n-match different colored hair bows and rubber bands/hair ties… on clothing: stripes and polka-dots with checkers… you know… in a clueless guy kinda way… really I have gotten a little better about being conscious of some of these things… You ROCK Constance… ahem… You in a Bikini store would mean a cold shower for me… (no disrespect to your husband though) He’s a lucky guy and seems like a great guy! Anyway, keep us up-to-speed with pictures etc. when you can… (Let us in on your new project when you can too!) I’m sure it will be awesome ! Until your next monthly… lol !!!

  14. Andrea Madrid says:

    AH! Luna is super adorable! You seriously have the cutest kid ever! I am the biggest girly girl you could ever find! I love to go shopping with my friends at Hollister and Abercrombie and Fitch. They are my two favorite stores and I go every weekend shopping! LOL, I’m your typical 14 year old SHOPOHOLIC! hahaha! Thanks for the blogs you are truly an inspiration to me xoxo-andrea