June-y June June!!!!!

 Constance and Luna

Yes!!!!!  My second “On Time” blog!!!!

So,,,, Happy June Everyone!!!!!!!!!… I hope all is going well with you and yours!

Me?   OMG!!!!  I got to celebrate my 1st Mother’s Day!!!!! I didn’t even realize I was included in the holiday til, my own Mom reminded me.  I had a lil lunchie and my lil Luna got me georgeous earrings!! I suspect she had a lil help from Kent,,,, ‘caus she doesn’t even know how to shop yet! But I for sure am gonna teach her! Especially the SALE rack!….. I have been sooooooooo busy,,, feeding my baby,, and trying to get back in shape! Man! It can be rough! I mean,, I lost most of the weight, but the last 10lbs are a killer. I do the vegitarian thing, the Yoga thing, the gym thing, and walking… and still I have that darn gooey center.!  OK enough of that,, I will get back to my original size soon… I need to not obsess too much….but ya know, i’m an actress,,, that’s what we do!

Let’s see…. what else did I do…Oh! I saw Rikki Lake at her book “Your Best Birth” launch party.  There was a great turn out,,, Leila Ali looks fabulous after having her baby!!!.. and Melora Harden was there from “The Office”! It was so great to see her. She and I starred in a tv series together , like in 1988! When somebody decided they needed to have a Dirty Dancing TV show! It only lasted 13 episodes,,, but it was my 1st acting job and I loooooooooooooooved every minute of it!  Ya know,,,,, before we got cancelled!   Then,,,,,,,, let’s see OH!!!! I shot an episode of “Spotlight to Nightlight” with Ali Landry,,,,, it’s and online show.  You can check it out June 9th go to Yahoo.com and click their OMG section. Type in “Spotlight to Nightlight” in the search bar,,, and BAM!! You will see me, and Ali,, bright and shiney!!!   We are discussing Celebrity Baby names!  And ya know,,, other stuff!!!

ok gotta go,,, the baby’s screaming!!!! :/

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21 Responses to June-y June June!!!!!

  1. Kayla says:

    OMG its nice to know wat ur doing ive been waiting AND u blogged again yay!!!!!! a lot of my friends and family think u should do more and new episodes of george lopez and also include the one and only LUNA!!!!!!!!! that would be awesome!!!!! lol well its nice to hear from u and like i always say try to post pics of luna that would be narley!!! lol ttyl BYE!!!
    LUV YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kierra says:

    i soooo happy that yuo’ve been get on fine with ur life with luna. i wish dat u were still acting but its ok. can’t wait til the next blog. my bday is june 5th and i wish i had someone famous like u over der. LOVE YA LOTS CONSTANCE.

  3. tamiah says:

    awww luna is sooooooooooo cute and u look pretty also!!!

  4. Dawn Marie says:

    I have been looking for more insight since i first read your story in People Magazine. I have been going through a heartbreaking and challenging journey of starting a family of my own with no luck so far. I also tried various rounds of IUI and IVF, I just completed my first frozen embryo transfer and received my “negative” pregancy test today. That is what prompted me to look you up once more – you give me hope, that this dream is really possible, no matter how bleek it may seem at the moment. Because of your sharing, I have decided to try Acupunture in conjuntion with my next IVF. I jhave a questions for you – can you please tell me how many sessions of acupuncture a week you took? I’m thinking of starting with once a week and maybe moving up to twice a week as I get closer to the day of the transfer.

    I wish you hte best with our beautiful little girl – she’s a true blessing and you truly deserve it.

    God Bless…

  5. briley says:

    aww look at her she has your cheeks.(im aboy)you look beautiful constance.

  6. Dayse says:

    Luna is beautiful god bless you and your family.

  7. zoe says:

    OMG! luna is beautiful and you look very good in this photo.

  8. Krissy says:

    omg she is sooo cute

  9. David says:

    God bless you Constance and your baby is so incredibly beautiful!

  10. yizel says:

    im so happy of u and kent it’s ur first baby ” adorable luna ” she is so pretty and so are u lol =] hope u kan keep on bloggin .. bye ….. – yizel

  11. yizel says:

    omg i hope u kan blogg some more !! u nd luna look so pretty in tha pictures !! im so happy 4 u an kent .. bye bye !!

  12. Tata Sarabanda says:

    I am very happy for you, your baby and Kent.
    I hope that you and your family will continue to have much success and happiness.

  13. JASMINE says:


    LOVE JASMINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUGES AND KISSES!!!!!!!!!

  14. Moises says:

    you and your daughter are so beautiful

  15. Moises says:

    i have always had a crush on you since i seen Selena…=]

  16. Ernie Reyes says:

    I would just like to congradulate you and Kent on having your gorgeous lil luna.I know where luna gets her good looks from mommy.Hey Kent I know you had your part to and im sure your a good looking guy.Well God Bless You all.P.S Iam a big George Lopez fan because of Constance.I watch it as much as possible.Take Care…..ERNIE

  17. Harley says:

    My my, hello Constance Marie. I was just watching an episode of George Lopez… very funny show. However I always really loved to watch your character most. OMG what a beautiful woman! Inside and out, I can tell;^) I finally went online to see how you are. Looks like things are going well for you… Fantastic.

    I’m pleased to see you have a lovely child now. It is my hope that all continues going swimmingly.
    Cheers and God bless.

  18. Alberto says:

    OMG. What a cutie!!

  19. .. says:

    y did you stop making george lopez? it was a great show

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