It’s MAY!!!

Yes!! Finally! I have made it on time!!!  I think this is actually my first blog that is typed and up on the 1st day of the month!

I am proud of myself!  Whew! OK enough gushing!

Just so all of you know,, I am in the process of updating my site, and having it reflect the changes that have occurred over the last year..  Ya know, getting knocked up and having a kid.  Now that our lil girl is safe and out in the world, I thought it was very important to share my story,, Caus it was definitly a rollercoaster ride!

A lot of you have expressed interest and asked questions re; my journey dealing with fertility issues, my quest to detoxify my body, the IVF, and the “Non-Toxic/Green” nursery that I have designed for Luna Marie…So,,, I am updating my site to share all the info I have gathered over the last 3.5 years!!!  I am sooooo not a doctor, but I have learned soooooooo much,  I hope some of it is helpful… Use what you can,, and discard the rest.

It may take me a lil while to get the site to where I want it.. but I promise,, if ya have a lil patience with me, it will be awesome, real soon.!      O.K. it is late now..and I need to get to bed,, this kid gets up REALLY early… Actually not sooo early, it just feels that way especially when the breast feeding starts at the crack of dawn! OYE!

It is pretty neat being a mom. I think I am starting to get used to it. ;)

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10 Responses to It’s MAY!!!

  1. Kayla says:

    Hey CM wow lol u crack me up wtih all ur lil sayings like “getting up early” then saying “not rly just cuz i breast feed Luna” lol ur funny but i bet a good mom!! Well i hope all is well and that updating ur website is making its way!!
    Ps) u should put a lot of photos and videos of Luna and every funny thing she does on ur website that would be awesome!!

  2. yizel says:

    hey constance i think u have heared about me in other blogs !!
    i just wanted to say that the ppicture i saw in people’s magazine is so cute !! ♥
    u are like my hero .. well i have to go bye bye
    ps .. hope u take care !! bye ♥

  3. tamiah says:

    well i could tell that you were doing some changes to the website!!!! well with everythng that your doing, it id looking great so far!!! you should put some pics of luna on your website!!!

  4. Kierra says:

    I think you are amazing!You are an inspiration to me.I just want to say congrats on becoming a mommy and I hope you have a great time raising your baby.

  5. yizel says:


  6. yizel says:

    ♥ HAPPY MOTHERS DAY !! ♥♥♥♥

    when are u goin to be appearing next because i would so like to meet u and get your autograph ??!!!

  7. sendo says:

    hey mommy just joking congratz you finally made it your a mother now i hope i see ya again on tv couse im your biggest fan take care belated happy mothers day

  8. Lisa says:

    COnstance- I just wanted to tell you what an inspiration you are. I am SO glad you chose to share your story. I too have suffered from infertility for 1.5 years and had to resort to IVF to conceive my first daughter. It worked on the 2nd try. With my twins I went right to IVF. Drs told me that without IVf I would never conceive naturally. I just proved them wrong because I am 5 weeks pg with a miracle. Thank you for speaking out and sharing your story. And congrats on Luna. She’s so adorable!

  9. Yolanda says:

    Congratulations on the baby! I am so glad there is hope out there I have a neice who has been trying for over 6 yrs and still no baby. I believe it is all Gods timing and I do tell her to never give up hope, she will be a Mommy and a sarn good one. God bless you and your family have lots of fun spoiling that lil Princess. I sure wish you’d bring your clothes line back. Take care

  10. foot pads says:

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