HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!!!!……..kinda.

Hellllllo you guys!!!!!!

OK so I am a lil late, but still within the first week of July.  that’s not sooooo bad.  Right?  I know… and here I was all cocky last month thinkin I had turned over a new leaf. But hey, I am a new, mom so I can only do my best.  So, let’s catch up…. it has been a month of  a lot of changes!!

first let us start with how many famous people have passed away. OMG. it is so sad.  First  Ed Mc Mann, such a staple, been around for ever. Next Farrah Fawcett,, after such a long and bitter battle with cancer.  She seemed like such a sweet spirit. Then Michael Jackson! WOW.  The thing that amazes me is how important he was to lots and lots of people. His personal life seemed sad in a way and whether you like him or not, he made such an impact.  I have my philosophy on this, WE GREW UP WITH HIM.  He has been in the limelight since he was a child and I was a child.  His music has been the sound track to many of our lives…I distinctly remember where I was in my life,,,,,,, living in one room with my mom and brother in my grandma’s house,,, in a transitional period in our family.  I was kinda sad  a lot, unsettled.. but when the Michael Jackson song “Don’t Stop til You get Enough” came on,,, for that lil time I was singing his song and rollerskating around the neighborhood, I WAS HAPPY!!!!!!!  Free from the cares of my daily life. I soooo wish his family the best.

As for me,,,Yep, still a Mom! Still loving it!  Went to a Padres Contra El Cancer (Parents Against Cancer) picnic and it was such a moving and touching day.  Basically it is a fair where children who have cancer get to go out with their families and have hope for one day.. ride on rides, listen to music, see celebrities, etc…And to see the smiles on their lil faces and the happiness they embody while they are fighting cancer was truly inspiring.  I advise anyone who wants to help to log onto www.IAmHope.org. Just check it out, it is such a worthy organization… they help the families of these children navigate the medical system while they deal with cancer.  I got to take Luna, who basically slept thru the entire event…but she did contribute, by allowing me to be there for those other kids.

OK. I guess that is it for this month! Take care, and God Bless. Oh! and be kind to one another :)   C

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16 Responses to HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!!!!……..kinda.

  1. Kayla says:

    LOL CM ur funny!!! well thats great that ur doing well and everything!! hope to c u on TV more!!!! and bring some new george lopez episodes!!! u should rly do that!!!! well have a great summer!!! luv ya lots bye

  2. Rebecca says:

    Its good to hear how you helped those kids, and all the fun you had. Its nice to know there are people out there like you who care for others. Takes for taking time form being a mom and an actress to help those in need. Take care of yourself and have a great month.

  3. tamiah says:

    haa, i know that’s right michel jackson was the king of pop!!!!! did u see his memorial?

  4. DOM KETIZIO says:

    dear, marie my name is dom i just wanted you to konw. congradulations on your new baby . and you are the most sexiest lovliest attractive and the best actress and pesron ive ever seen yet. if you were single. and we knew each other. i would for sure pick you up and sweep you off your feet. because you are number one honey. always and ever will be on tv and in person smiles. hope to hear from you soon and good luck with everything, dom

  5. Senad says:

    Mom, wife, you are amazing person!

  6. Nicole says:

    Hey Ms. Marie,

    I just wanted to stop by and leave a word of encouragement for you. You do so well on your performance on the George Lopez Show. Keep the faith and don’t ever forget the person who loves you the most-Jesus Christ.

    Your Sister in Christ,

    Nicole :)

  7. Lisa says:

    Hi, Constance. I’m a longtime fan but also wanted to let you know that a bunch of friends and I were thrilled to recently realize that your fiance is the same Kent Katich with whom we attended high school in West Des Moines, Iowa. He was a rare combination — great-looking, but also very kind to everyone. Congratulations to both of you on your beautiful little girl.

  8. JASMINE says:


  9. Gary says:

    Hey Constance. you guys really should do some more george lopez episodes i find myself watching the same ones over and over… but what can i say its my favorite TV show. Do you have any plans as of now of any movies or other TV shows you are going to be in? Well got to go. Cant wait for your next blog.

  10. Being a parent is great. Enjoy it they grow up fast. Love ya in George Lopez my wife and I watch often. As for M. Jackson, He was a great singer and dance. I want to know where is fans were when he was in court. How about all those celebs. Ya nota) You my dear keep up the good work. God Bless

  11. aesha says:

    you are so helpful thank. am a mother of two little girl 8 and 5. and because of you am now going green.

  12. ericka says:

    aww! your girl is so cute,i love the the picture you have posted!

  13. Kayla says:

    Hey CM y havent u blogged for august i mean i kno the fires are happening down there but its been a month and ya!!! i wanna kno how ur life is going!! and how Luna’s growing!!

  14. lexie says:

    hi beatuiful baby constance. your the best charactor from george lopez. i think the show should be called the unnnnnnnnnnnnbealible constance marie. we have the same middle name. i wish u knew me. my dream is to meet you. u rock see ya

  15. lexie says:

    hey constance its me again. still i am working my way to being famous and meeting you. email me at lexie.montero@hotmail.com. also beatuful baby. if you have time go on youtube i have seen your tributes. you are very beatuful. hope you have a great thanksgiving! love ya

    -love lexie

  16. landon says:

    i was in california at disneyland when they died i remember sittting by the pool and every one pulling out there phones and talking about it.