Some Sad News……

Man! oh! Man!
What a month it has been…….
and,,,,, here is the update……
I am sad to say,,
that due to the really tough economic climate,
Mervyn’s stores are going thru alot of changes,
and it makes me even sadder to say that,
Mervyn’s and the Constance Marie Collection are going their separate ways……
Mervyn’s has been great to work with, and I wish them the best…
As for the Constance Marie Collection,
we are in a transition and
we are lookin’ for a new home for the line…
I promise I will keep you posted when we find one…
and I want to THANK EVERYONE for supporting the line while it was at Mervyn’s!
all of you who came out and showed your support,,,made me so happy!!!
And Soooooooooooooooo proud!!!
Thank you again!!!!!!!!!!
take care,and,
Never, Never, Never give up!!!!!!!!! :)

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17 Responses to Some Sad News……

  1. tamiah says:

    i am sooooo sorry constance i am really sad now toooo i hope you find a home for the constance marie collection!!!!!!!!!!

  2. martha says:

    hey constance i wish that you will find a new place to sell your clothes and we’ll be waiting.
    We support you 100%. love your biggest fan martha

  3. Ashley says:

    Awh man.
    That really sucks.
    But i think that you should work with Target..cause not only is that a mainstream store..and they’re like EVERYWHERE.
    but…there near me and that would be amazing.
    Just a suggestion. (:

  4. Jazmyn says:

    Awh that sucks.
    i agree with ahely you should put it somewhere like target or if mervyin’s is like walmart i dout it!!
    but yeah somewhere where it’s spread all over america!!
    An im DYING to get a pair of your jeans!!

  5. jamie says:

    i agree with them, you should put it in a store that is placed in a lot of states. right now, mervyns is only in like texas. more people will get to see your clothing line and people who don’t live in western states and like your cloths can buy them.

  6. Alexandria says:

    hm,no, not wal-mart. Target or JC Penny’s. =]

  7. shelby(: says:

    youu should TOTALLY
    put it inn target.
    i LOVE that store!
    and your clothes are AMAZING!


  8. Michelle says:

    I am so sad. I just stumbled upon your clothing line at Mervyns. I bought your jeans and they are my favorite. They are by far the most comfortable jeans I have ever owned. I can’t wait for you to find another store to partner with. Good luck.

  9. sienna says:

    sorry to hear your clothing line is leaving mervyns best of luck to you.
    i just wanted to thank you again for emailing me ment so much to me.

  10. sienna says:

    i agree with ashley and jazmyn you should look into target.i LOVE your jeans there so cute!!

  11. Ceasria says:

    Wherever the collection goes I’ll follow. I’ve never had a pair of jeans that have fit me so well for my body type and made me feel so girly.

  12. Taylor says:

    aww :(
    well i hope the best for you :)
    yeah, target is wicked, that would totally
    kick some butt. (:
    good luck with everythingg.
    have an AMAZING week constance
    and remember, all of us here support you
    100% in ALL of your decisions

  13. Pete Perez says:

    Constance, i would like to know if there is a way of a small clouthing store to carry your line??

  14. Janie says:

    I am sorry to hear that Mervyns is not participating in the selling of your clothing line. One day I was shopping at Mervyns and said the next time I come back I would like to buy one of your collections. When I went back last week your line was no longer there. I was very disappointed. Target and Kohls sound like a good option. Like you said “Never Give Up” =)

  15. Cathy Alanis says:

    How can I get some more CM jeans?? They are my absolute favorite and I need a new pair!!!

    Please HELP!


  16. Eddie V says:

    The line should be sold at Macy’s or even Kohl’s.