Some GOOD news!!!!!!!!

Hellllllllo everybody!!!!
so, now i get to share some good news….
i am participating in a documentary called “Angel in the Hood”
it is a wonderful story of two at risk Latinas who overcome major setbacks,
in their lives to follow their dreams and of course…..ARE OBSESSED WITH TINKERBELL..!!!
it makes me sooo happy to even have been a part of it….
and even better…IT GOT ACCEPTED IN TO THE “Feel Good Film Festival”!!!!!
which is this weekend…in Hollywood…..
it is a festival…where all the movies… leave ya feeling good!!!!
that is all for now.

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19 Responses to Some GOOD news!!!!!!!!

  1. tamiah says:

    hey that’s great i hope you enjoy every moment of it!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Rosezena Milloy says:

    Awww that is great. Is the movie coming out in theaters or on dvd?- I want to see it! :)

  3. Alexandria says:

    i love that quote at the end:

  4. shelby(: says:


  5. Jarred Barajas says:

    Ola como estas Constance! I just wanted to say that Im glad you are doing well despite of the whole Mervyns incident. I Think your great actress and a very sexy woman who takes pride in her Iooks. I admired your work in G-Lopez,Selena,and Mi Familia. Well keep up the good work and like the band WAR says “Dont Let No One Get You Down” Orale Constance Marie !

  6. Miguel says:

    Cool sounds like alot of fun. I am a huge fan. I found out about you from the show George Lopez and thought you were the prettiest girl I have ever seen. I was shocked when I looked you up in wikipedia and saw you were 38 turning 39 on september 9th. You look way younger. Good luck to you

  7. martha says:

    thats so kool…wow!! Im soo happy for you constance..

  8. Miguel says:

    oh and when i said “thought you were the prettiest girl i haave ever seen” on my other comment I meant the prettiest woman

    srry 4 the mistake

  9. Miguel says:

    Hey Constance…. HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!! 2days away OMG!!!!

  10. Miguel says:

    Tomorows your B-day yay. How do you feel about turning 39?

  11. Miguel says:

    happy b-day.

    btw sorry 4 posting soem comments that have nothing to do with the subject you have posted

  12. tamiah says:

    constance that is great!!!!!!!

  13. Tay(: says:

    aww, congrats on the role!
    im so proud of you! your an AMAZING
    actress, so im sure you will do great (:

  14. toni says:

    i know this comment really have anything to do with your post here, but i just read about your pregnancy and wanted to wish you my sincerest congratulations ;) you are going to make a great mother! God bless and good wishes to you.


  15. Tiffany says:

    Yeah i agree with toni…you’re going to make a great mother…and its going to be the cutest baby!

  16. Ben Jimenez says:

    Hi Constance,

    Sorry i missed that, I don’t get to LA much, but also, congratulations on your coming new baby girl! You know Regina is a beautiful name, though I’m not pushing it on you. Take care.

  17. Alexandria says:

    whoa, I didn’t know your were pregnant! CONGRATS!!!!

  18. karina almanza says:

    just wanted to stop by and say HELLOOOO!!
    ♥always Karina Almanza
    from Chambersburg, PA

  19. Miguel says:

    OMG congratz on your pregnancy. Hope everything works out 4 u you will be a wonderful mother!