I’m Sooooo Late!

I am soooooooooooo Sorry!
I am soooo late for my June Blog! What happened?
I have been so overwhelmed with LIFE!
ya know how that happens sometimes?
Anyhoo, I am here and I am back, I am juggling projects I am interested in…
no news yet, but I promise i will keep you all posted.
I hope you are all doing well, Especially since Hillary dropped out of the race for the Democratic Nominee. She did a great job and we should all be proud off her!
but now Onward and Upward,,,,,So who do I support now?
Whole heartedly!!!!!!! We need to have someone in the White House who will get us out of this war, and get us Americans out of the Hole Bush has dug for us the last 8 years!
We need someone who will fight for Healthcare, Making sure Corporations Pay proper taxes!!!! The Environment, Getting the Oil companies to pay some darn tax on their Windfall Profits! EDUCATION FOR OUR CHILDREN, OUR FUTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and if I hear McCain say he won’t surrender one more time, I am gonna pinch him.
How About We Don’t Surrender Our Country, for some Un-win-able War!!!!
Support Our Troops by Bringing them Home!
Support Our Troops by Paying their Medical Benefits!
Support Our Troops by Providing them their Education they were promised when they enlisted!
ok, I think I should take a pause now…so I don’t get too worked up.
but I say, Please, if ya supported Hillary,let’s get over our disappointment and Support Obama! :)

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17 Responses to I’m Sooooo Late!

  1. Lisa Marie says:

    Hello Constance,

    Hear Hear I love what you are saying. God Bless and can’t wait to buy some of your fab. Clothes. Oh by the way do you have a myspace page?

  2. martha says:

    thanks constance for your comments. I just want to say that I support obama 100% . I think he will be a great president and also bring our troops back. I think it’s time.

  3. gary says:

    Best of luck with the potential actor’s strike….we want to keep seeing you so hopefully it’ll all work out. Love watching you on the Lopez syndication shows..it’s nice and refreshing to see a strong, loving, good mother character on tv….and of course is also pretty hot :) again good luck and keep fighting the good fight

  4. Dennis says:

    I think you are right on about supporting Obama. Bush has dug our country a huge hole and need someone like Obama to dig us out.
    On another note, I have to tell you, one of my favorite tv shows are the George Lopez show. You’re very talented and really helped make that show.
    My hope is you get the chance to get on another show like George Lopez.
    A real big Constance fan!

  5. Alexandria says:

    Hey Constance!
    I’m 16, I live in LA county, and my biggest dream is to be an actress. I just wanted to tell you that I look at you as a big inspiration! I hope to see more of you soon :D


  6. Keith says:

    I am in the US Navy and just returned from Afghanistan. I totally agree about getting out of Iraq. Afghanistan though I can understand our need to be there. I can’t go into details but we definately need to be in Afghanistan. It looks as if we may need to go to war with Pakistan for harboring Bin Laden and Iran for producing Nuclear Weapons. I personally hate war and wish all my friends were back with their loved ones.

  7. Hey Constance !!!
    I was supporting Hillary also … With Obama a close second …
    I like both of them !
    I going for Obama now …
    Keep in mind that Hillary will still be around :0)
    She is taking care of Health Care issues as we speak … Or type ! :0)
    She’s still working behind the scenes even though we might not see her :0)

  8. Opps … typo .
    That should be …
    I’m going for Obama now …
    Ha ! Sometimes my mind goes faster then I van type !

  9. Typo … again …
    then I can type !
    Ha !
    I better get some sleep …
    Take care Constance !!!

  10. Alexandria says:

    i heard something on t.v today about there being no more Mervyns. were where your clothes be sold if Mervyn’s closes?

  11. Hey Constance !!!
    I agree with you %110 !!!
    I’m supporting Obama now myself !
    You really DO have a BIG heart Constance …
    Just like on the George Lopez show !
    Good luck in your clothing line and ALL the other work that you do !

  12. Justin says:

    Way to go Constance! I second your stance with Obama! McCain wants to fight the war till he’s dead or more of our troops are, I agree it’s unwinnable, let’s get a fresh breath of air into the White House! Go Obama and go Constance! God bless you!

  13. Miguel says:

    SWEET I suppose Obama as well. Man the more I know about you the less I can get you out of my head. In school I cant even pay attention

  14. Miguel says:

    You are a great person I will always look up to you!

  15. Ben Jimenez says:

    Hi Constance,

    I agree, Obama is the man.

  16. landon says:

    bush all the way!!!! sorry… but republican!!! mccain rules! still love ya though constance you are the best!