Hello Everybody!!!!

It is my wish, that we all take a moment today,
no matter what time it is,
it doesn’t even need to be that long a moment!
and reflect and be thankful for what we loved about last year,
take note of what we didn’t love so much….. and would like to make better,,
and them commit, and vow to make this new year better!!!!
what ever it means to you…
and then INHALE and EXHALE….let it all go!

I also want to send you the most positive, hopeful and happy vibes I can!!!
go out there, and make yourself and others HEALTHY AND HAPPY!
i will try to do the same! :)

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7 Responses to HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

  1. Taylor =] says:

    Awww your so awesome. Big Fan.
    Happy New Year! =D
    I think 2008 is going to be great and im so excited.
    Its already started out as a good new year so far.

    Best wishes in anything you pursue (im sure it will be great)

  2. Erica says:

    Hey I just wanted to stop bye and say that you are so pretty and that i hope i can meet you some day.

  3. Hi Constance!

    Love your new website. I was watching some of your You Tube videos and heard you got and official website. Congrats! You are a great entertainer and fashion designer. Constance, you simply inspire me. Many blessings in 2008.

  4. I just found Ms. Marie’s site, through Wikipedia. I just love your work, and wish I could see your fashions. I live in Charleston, South Carolina and apparently out of your area. Anyway, I agree, we should be thankful of all we are given, and let all else float away. It will be what it is, so enjoy the ride!!

  5. patricia says:

    wow u r sooo great, sorry i couldn’t reply sooner. i’m just so busy luv u

  6. patricia says:

    wow u r just sooo great ansd i’m sorry i didn’t reply sooner. luv u!!!!!!!pat

  7. jazmyn says:

    idk i just think ur beautiful and u have a great website and ur just so pretty!i alwaz told my self if i ever meet constance marie i would cry i would u should come to n.j people love u here.n.j a.c