Happy Day after May Day!

Hello my friends,
I hope you all are well,,,,,Can ya feel the weather change?
the times they are changin! I must evolve with them….so,
I am pleased to announce that I “Constance Marie”
am officially going to appear on “CSI” Crime Scene Investigations (the original, not Miami or NY) in a Dramatic TV role!!!!!!!!!!…I have a quick cameo…and if ya wanna see me be a tough cop…Check Me OUT!
On Thursday May 8th at 9pm (check your local listings for the time in your area).
for Mother’s Day week…you can see me Hosting Nick At Nite’s Hot TV Mom Marathon!!!
and Remember….
on Mother’s Day,,,,the best gift doesn’t have to be expensive,, just spend time with her..and Listen…and of course, compliments always score…..!! And Flowers!!!! and Jewlrey!!!! (o.k. i guess sometimes it can be expensive)
just do your best!~!!
oh! and lots of hugs! those always work..
tah for now!! :)

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8 Responses to Happy Day after May Day!

  1. jazmyn says:

    Ur funny!
    Don’t worry i’ll make my mom feel importanat!

  2. Alex says:

    Dear Constance,

    I saw you on the nick at night special. No wonder they called it “hot mothers night”

  3. toni says:

    i really love your work in george lopez…i am sorry to say that i missed csi :( …it would have been interesting to see you in a dramatic role/scene of that nature (although i did see you on selena).

    thank you!

    ~toni boyer

  4. tamiah says:

    constance marie is the best actress in the whole intire world!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. tamiah says:

    she is the best and i hope i will see her on another show!!!!!!!!!!!
    love ya always, tamiah daniel

  6. my birthday is on earth day every year never changed

  7. angie lopez says:

    hi im really angie lopez and ever time george says angie i laugh bevcause it is my name too lololol

  8. tyra evans says:

    Hey Constance Marie, I love your work in George Lopez. I want to meet you in person. Where do you live in real life. Be true to yourself. I love you soo much. I had a happy thanksgiving was yours great. Stay true.