Here Come The Holidays!

It is December already!!! How crazy is that?…..
Well, I have been hard at work, on the new clothing line,,
and went into Mervyn’s and saw the new Holiday collection and it is on SALE tooo…
it looked sooo beautiful and shiny tambien.!!!!!!.. I went for the Latina friendly Gold this season………
and I want to THANK YOU ALL, for the support you gave me with the Fall collection..

Now, with the Holiday Dresses out…I can’t wait to hear what you gals (and guys,, they make great gifts too!) think about them,,,Please e-mail me with feedback…

I really do appreciate all your ideas and hints…
and thank you for all your positive comments about the George Lopez show, it really boosts the self esteem..
alas, some of you are just now discovering it….
I can’t wait to get on a funny show again,..
as soon as this Writers Strike is over with… will be ON WITH GETTING A NEW SHOW!!!! though it looks like it is going to be a while……
For now, I am pouring my heart into these clothes…..
so, ENJOY!:)

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8 Responses to Here Come The Holidays!

  1. meltinjohn says:

    Constance, I would like to know if you can provide me with the finest enchiladas you may have whether you have them on you from birth or whether you cooked them homemade. Thank you.

    Vile Riley

  2. patricia says:

    i really love your collection, speacilly the dresses. i’m not latina, but being capeverdian, and italian kinda makes me think like a latina in style. {p.s, the george lopez show is the best comedy show that is on t.v right now.

  3. Robert says:

    Hi Constance,

    I just wanted to wish you the best for 2008 and beyond. I’ve enjoyed watching your past performances on George Lopez and An American Family – it’s nice to see your comedic and dramatic talents.

    Can’t wait to see you on another show!

    Happy Holidays,

    Orlando, FL

  4. Taylor =] says:

    I hope you had a great holiday!!! Happy 2008!! ;)


  5. nikitta says:

    omg i do knot belive that im talking to constance marie i have a lot of thing to telll you ok first wat is ur rill name and on georg lopez ur pritty funny and do you have a myspace …….omg im nikittas cuzz ur so fine and hot… sorry that was my cuzzzzz he meant to say that ur pritty….:]

  6. Selina April says:

    Since Mervyns went “out of business” where can I find your clothes now. I’m wearing a pair of your jeans today and have got tons of compliments. I need some more!

  7. lexi marie says:

    hey its me again how r your holidays merry christmas and a happy new year

  8. Tiger Turf says:

    Very true, great post… Keem ‘em coming!